360 degree - little planet with milkyway on zanzibar, africa

thank you for having us lovely zanzibar

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    Toller Blog, schaue immer mal wieder vorbei um neue Ideen zu sammeln.

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    Eduardo Matsura disse:Sim, a premissa básica é de que a sombra superior tem um viés positivo (e a sombra inferior um viés negativo), independente da cor do corpo. É uma hipótese discutível, porém já observei evidências estatísticas a seu favor. Exceto em em situações muito específicas, como na proximidade de importantes suportes e resistências.

  • Lesson learned from VN war: The fearless religious leaders who dared to fight against evil communists were somehow unable to gain trust and support from the general population.

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    I was thinking the same thing, when I saw the name of the street the first time. LOL. But that was an interesting point, and rather ironic that Colon has restaurants on it. They may have subconsciously thought about that. Ha!

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